News  |    |  April 28, 2021

IBM and Microsoft Have Integrated AI Ethical Standards into Their Operations, So Can You

News article by Johanna Perez. Published in IEEE Spectrum.


New educational program covers topics you need to know such as transparency and data privacy.

The use of artificial intelligence continues to grow across industries including finance, health care, manufacturing, and transportation. The technology’s popularity has created a need for ethical standards that focus on equality, security, and privacy.

Companies including IBM and Microsoft have already taken steps to incorporate AI in their products. According to a Microsoft case study conducted by the World Economic Forum, the company created a mandatory Introductory to Responsible AI course for all its employees. Its program includes a standard as well as the building blocks of Microsoft’s AI principles.

IBM created an internal ethics board to help ensure its AI technology is fair. Francesca Rossi, global AI ethics leader for IBM, told the Harvard Business Review that the company “has put in place a centralized and multidimensional AI governance framework, centered around the IBM internal AI ethics board, which I co-lead along with IBM’s chief privacy officer. It supports both technical and nontechnical initiatives to operationalize the IBM principles of trust and transparency.”

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