News  |  ,   |  October 23, 2018

Institute for Ethical AI in Education launches in a UK first

News article published in Educational Technology.

A new Institute for Ethical AI in Education (IEAIED) launched today at Speakers’ House to tackle the threat young people face due to the unduly rapid growth of new technology.

It is being led by educationalist Anthony Seldon, AI in education scientist Professor Rose Luckin and social impact entrepreneur Priya Lakhani, and is supported by an advisory council made up of senior academics, politicians and entrepreneurs. The Speaker of the House, the Rt Hon John Bercow, commended the new Institute.

Sir Anthony Seldon, Vice Chancellor of the University of Buckingham, said: “We are sleepwalking into the biggest danger that young people have faced eclipsing totally the risk of social media and other forms of digitalisation. The really frightening thing is that the Government is not stepping up to the mark, and the tech companies are eating them alive, making shamefully high profits, preaching platitudes while infantilising our young and exposing them to great dangers. AI could be a considerable boon if we get the ethical dimension right but with each passing month we are losing the battle.” [ . . . ]