News  |  ,   |  November 13, 2019

Project Nightingale seems to square with HIPAA, but next steps matter

News article by Nathan Eddy.
Published in Healthcare IT News.


The health data sharing collaboration between Google and Ascension has raised some big concerns nationwide – starting with some employees at Ascension – about what the initiative could mean for patient privacy.

The so-called “Project Nightingale,” overall does appear to meet HIPAA compliance standards, based on Google’s and Ascension’s own statements and what has been reported so far by The Wall Street Journal and others.

But the news that Google – which makes its money off data-based advertising and has long been the subject of privacy concerns – would have access to protected health information has understandably raised some alarms across an industry where privacy and security are meant to be paramount. (The partnership has now led to a new federal inquiry.) [ . . . ]