News  |    |  November 18, 2020

Some AI research areas and their relevance to existential safety

News post by Andrew Critch. Published on the AI Alignment Forum website.


This post is an overview of a variety of AI research areas in terms of how much I think contributing to and/or learning from those areas might help reduce AI x-risk.  By research areas I mean “AI research topics that already have groups of people working on them and writing up their results”, as opposed to research “directions” in which I’d like to see these areas “move”. 

I formed these views mostly pursuant to writing AI Research Considerations for Human Existential Safety (ARCHES).  My hope is that my assessments in this post can be helpful to students and established AI researchers who are thinking about shifting into new research areas specifically with the goal of contributing to existential safety somehow.  In these assessments, I find it important to distinguish between the following types of value:

  • The helpfulness of the area to existential safety, which I think of as a function of what services are likely to be provided as a result of research contributions to the area, and whether those services will be helpful to existential safety, versus
  • The educational value of the area for thinking about existential safety, which I think of as a function of how much a researcher motivated by existential safety might become more effective through the process of familiarizing with or contributing to that area, usually by focusing on ways the area could be used in service of existential safety.
  • The neglect of the area at various times, which is a function of how much technical progress has been made in the area relative to how much I think is needed.

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