News  |    |  September 10, 2019

The Ethics of A.I. Doesn’t Come Down to ‘Good vs. Evil’

News article by Gabriel Fairman.
Published by Dice Insights.


The Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) Brain Chip will be the dawn of a new era in human civilization.

The Brain Chip will be the end of human civilization.

These two diametrically opposite statements summarize the binary core of how we look at artificial intelligence (A.I.) and its applications: Good or bad? Beginning or ending? Truth or deceit?

Ethics in A.I. is about trying to make space for a more granular discussion that avoids these binary polar opposites. It’s about trying to understand our role, responsibility, and agency in shaping the final outcome of this narrative in our evolutionary trajectory.

This article divides the issues into five parts:

  • What do we mean by ethics and A.I.?
  • Our lack of ability to understand the intended and unintended consequences of innovation.
  • Our lack of ability to understand the connections and ramifications between separate events.
  • Our lack of ability to standardize fairness.
  • Our inexperience in managing platforms with billions of people.

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About the Author

Gabriel Fairman is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Bureau Works, a Silicon Valley technology company that uses artificial intelligence for translation services for large corporations.