News  |    |  June 4, 2019

Unethical and Illegal Practices in Coding: From Prevention to Action

News article by Sophie Vande Kerkhove.
Published on Welcome to the Jungle.


Cases of programming practices being abused and unethical and/or illegal coding have been reported all over the media, which isn’t great publicity for developers and engineers. The question of who bears the responsibility remains on everyone’s lips. But while employers are legally more accountable for bad decisions involving the company, developers won’t always find themselves exempt from criminal prosecution either. A senior executive at Volkswagen may have been sentenced to seven years in prison after the emissions scandal, but a VW engineer also got 40 months of jail time for his role in the case. Therefore, if you feel a request from an employer can’t be trusted, you need to think twice before embarking on a risky journey: It might end up costing you more than your conscience. But how to prevent these practices happening further upstream and what can you do to protect yourself from unethical and/or illegal requests at work? [ . . . ]