Teaching Artificial Intelligence in the Primary Classroom (2020)

Online course developed by CSER K-12 Digital Technologies Education, Australia.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is driving the next wave of technological innovation, and is changing almost every industry around us. With the expansion and ubiquity of AI being a motivating factor in the decisions and need for all children to develop their understanding of Computer Science, it is logical that children also must need to develop their understanding of AI itself.

This free course is presented as two related parts. Firstly, we provide Primary School Teachers with the necessary background information to teach and contextualise AI in the classroom by providing an overview. The second half of the course presents the practical implementation of classroom activities suitable for the primary school years.

This CSER online professional learning course (MOOC) is designed to build participant knowledge of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and capacity in how to teach the topic in the classroom. This MOOC supports educators with the implementation of the Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies (Foundation to Year 6). Participants engaged in professional learning through a series of online lessons. In addition to learning content, participants engaged in tasks and were provided with opportunities to engage with the MOOC community and provide peer feedback.

By the end of this course participants will be able to:

  • articulate the definition of AI and provide examples of AI being used in technological solutions.
  • know the evolution of AI and key historical events/people.
  • describe the fundamentals of an AI system, key AI themes and techniques and summarise how these work with examples of these in practice.
  • list risks and benefits of AI and consider ethical implications.
  • have confidence in implementing AI learning activities in the primary classroom.
  • have confidence in designing learning activities for the classroom linked with the Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies.

An overview of AI

  • Core concepts and examples of AI-driven technology
  • The History and evolution of AI
  • The benefits, risks and ethical considerations of AI

Plugged and Unplugged AI Activities

  • Unplugged and plugged worked examples and case studies exploring activity design and implementation
  • Practical classroom advice, student-friendly language and resources
  • Assessment support and advice


Although this course is mapped to the Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies, anyone in the world is welcome to participate! Participants who complete the course receive a Professional Learning Certificate. Our CSER K-12 Digital Technologies Education program receives funding from the Australian Government Department of Education and Training. This course is made free and open to all with thanks to funding from Google Australia & New Zealand.