ACM Special Interest Group on Artificial Intelligence

Organization founded in 1966. Mission:

  • Promote and support the growth and application of AI principles and techniques throughout computing
  • Sponsor or co-sponsor high-quality, AI-related conferences
  • Publish the quarterly newsletter AI Matters and its namesake blog
  • Organize the Career Network and Conference (SIGAI CNC) for early-stage researchers in AI
  • Sponsor recognized AI awards
  • Support important journals in the field
  • Provide scholarships to student members to attend conferences
  • Promote AI education and publications through various forums and the ACM digital library

Members include academic and industrial researchers, practitioners, software developers, end users, and students.

SIGAI is one of the oldest special interest groups in the ACM. SIGAI, then SIGART, started in 1966, publishing the SIGART Newletter that later became the SIGART Bulletin and Intelligence Magazine. Today, SIGAI is an active group with more than one thousand members from academia and industry throughout the world. Both members and non-members are welcome to join our mailing list to receive timely announcements of interest to researchers and practitioners.

ACM is the Association for Computing Machinery.