Organization mission: We’re Working for a Future Where Diverse Backgrounds, Perspectives, and Voices Unlock AI’s Potential to Benefit Humanity.

Diverse and Inclusive Workforce
We believe AI provides a powerful set of tools that everyone should have access to in our fast-changing world. Diversity of perspectives and voices will unlock AI’s potential to benefit humanity.

Better AI
When people of all identities and backgrounds work together to build AI systems, the results better reflect society at large. Diverse perspectives yield more innovative, human-centered, and ethical products and systems.

More Tools for Social Good
Applied to our most pressing social problems, AI can improve the human experience. When we expand our definition of who can be an AI maker, the resulting systems and products are more creative, more powerful, and solve a broader range of problems.

Better Business Results
Diversity in tech adds tremendous economic value and drives innovation. Companies that embrace this will tap into a deep well of creative talent that can increase their revenue, improve their products, and drive significant return on investment.

The risks of AI
Though AI can be used in positive ways, it’s important to note that it can also exclude or harm certain groups of people, especially when a diverse set of AI creators is not involved in developing the technology. Because AI can reflect the biases of the people creating it (sometimes without them even knowing), it is important to include a wide range of people and perspectives in the AI field. When AI is created by groups that reflect the world we live in, we believe AI solutions will be more innovative, more ethical, and will solve new problems.