AI Sustainability Center

Organization established in 2018 to create a world-leading multidisciplinary hub to address the scaling of AI in broader ethical and societal contexts.

Our goal is to create a world-leading center for identifying, measuring and governing the ethical implications of Al. It will be a collaborative, research-focused environment for piloting, testing, and applying Al sustainability strategies and frameworks.

The center intends to focus on mitigating risks as well as facilitating the realization of the vast gains to organizations, society and individuals by acting proactively. It will provide an opportunity for members not only to avoid future pitfalls, but also to gain a competitive edge by learning to use Al in a sustainable way.

We will do this in a multi-disciplinary manner (from law and engineering to social science and gender studies); in a multi-stakeholder context, bringing together large organizations, start-ups, policymakers and regulators, academia and civil society. One of our sweet spots is that some of the brightest and youngest minds in tech are also the ones that care most about our future. They will be part of our community and workforce.

Partners from industry include Atomico, Bonnier, Cirio, Microsoft, and Telia Company. The initiative has attracted some of the top minds in academia focused on AI, coming from KTH, Karolinska Institutet, Lund, Chalmers, Umeå, and Linköping universities, as well as public agencies like Skatteverket, the Swedish tax authority, the Swedish Public Employment Service, the City of Stockholm, and the City of Malmö.

The partners are united around a common belief that it is better to navigate together than alone. The goal is to be leaders in setting frameworks that put humanity at the core. We offer a methodology and framework for purpose-driven technology.