All Tech is Human

Organization launched in 2018 by tech ethicist David Ryan Polgar.

MISSION: All Tech Is Human is an accelerator for tech change. We are speeding up the process of progress by bringing together multiple stakeholders, promoting knowledge-sharing & collaboration, and developing an essential hub for the tech change ecosystem. All Tech Is Human acts as a catalyst & connector for tech change, uniting the private & public sectors, informing policymakers, media, & technologists, and allowing for greater participation by the general public.

All Tech Is Human has an ambitious goal of altering the process of how technologies are developed and deployed. We create a more thoughtful future towards technology by making it more inclusive, multidisciplinary, and participatory. We are busy building a dedicated team of advisors, a broad range of experts we rely on for advice, and a network of volunteers throughout the globe.

Our goal is to become the hub that unites multiple stakeholders from a broad range of backgrounds interested in working out the difficult tech issues facing us on a personal and societal level.

PROBLEM: Emerging technology and ubiquitous smartphones impact a broad range of society, yet only a small sliver influence how it is created and deployed. On the sidelines, there are lots of people with valuable insight who are going unused. Given technology significant impact on communication, mental wellbeing, and the health of our democracy, it behooves us to bring together a diverse range of voices and perspectives. 

SOLUTION: All Tech Is Human aims to be a collaborative, multi-disciplinary hub for more thoughtfulness around technology. By convening events, creating resources, and acting as the glue that binds a broad range of interested parties, we are creating a much-needed space for knowledge-sharing, best practices, and an easy way for people to get plugged into the tech change movement. We are speeding up the process of progress.