Center for Engineering Ethics and Society

Organization mission: CEES focuses the talents of the nation on addressing the ethical and social dimensions of engineering, as both a profession and an agent of innovation.

Addressing Issues

CEES activities address ethically significant issues that arise in engineering and scientific research, education, and practice. These issues arise for individual engineers and scientists as well as for social organizations and institutions. CEES projects engage a wide audience to help improve ethics education and enhance social responsibility in engineering and science.

Sharing Knowledge

CEES manages the Online Ethics Center (OEC), a popular electronic repository of resources on science, engineering, and research ethics, for engineers, scientists, scholars, educators, students, and interested citizens. CEES also organizes public workshops, educational activities, publishes informative materials, collaborates with educators and students, and hosts ethics video contests to expand its reach.

Expanding Perspectives

To include diverse perspectives in ethics discussion, CEES activities and advisors include experts and citizens from a wide variety of fields and public and private organizations: community representatives and local leaders as well as members of the National Academies and other experts in science and engineering; ethics; public policy; and science, technology, and society studies.