DataEthics4All Initiative

Organization founded in 2018 by Shilpi Agarwal. A community of world leaders at the intersection of technology, data, ethics, policy & social impact who care about the next generation of responsible and inclusive tech. Together we’re building a stronger, more equitable society, rich in culture, race and ethnicity with tech having it’s rightful place and used for social good. There’s nothing easy about data ethics in an age where virtually everything we do leaves a data trail. But in order for businesses to retain the trust of their customers, they need to do it right by their data.

The Mission of the DataEthics4All Initiative is:

  1. Educate Consumers on their Data Rights.
  2. Come to a common understanding of what is considered right from wrong.
  3. Raise awareness on the Dangers of using Data Science without Ethical Considerations.
  4. Understand the long term Advantages of Ethical Business Considerations in earning Customer’s Trust and Loyalty.
  5. Create and Use Responsible and Inclusive Tech.
  6. Support Ethical Data Decision Making.
  7. Provide a Data Ethics Framework for Organizations to adopt and implement a Data Ethics First Methodology.
  8. Bring Philosophical change by encouraging dialogue in the Legislation.
  9. Build a Community of Global Data Advocates that demand Change.
  10. Apply data in an ethical way to reduce Racial and Cultural divide in society, especially in Tech.
  11. Be a Catalyst in building a more Equitable, Inclusive, Culture Rich and Just Society.
  12. Build Racial & Cultural Equity through Tech.
  13. Encourage Social Change.