Design Futures Initiative

Organization founded in 2015 by Phil Balagtas. The DFI mission is to bring together designers, strategists, artists, scientists, and futurists to facilitate and advance responsible design and strategy practices that consider the ethical, cultural, environmental, political and economic challenges and opportunities of future products, services, and systems. We do this in service of investigating what futures we want, what we want to avoid, and how we might ultimately create the necessary agendas which critically consider our impact on all human-kind and life on our planet.

Focus Areas

  • Communities — We support and enable local Chapters to form and thrive. A primary function of our communities is to facilitate in-person events and functions where information and knowledge is shared and value is derived.
  • Advocacy — Promoting the profession of futures design and engaging with like-minded communities, organizations, or individuals who share our goals and can help us achieve greater awareness for our causes. Providing services, goods, interactions back to communities outside of our own that offer educational opportunities or other altruistic efforts.
  • Education — Providing open access to resources, tools, frameworks, methodologies, or other materials which allow for the spread of information about the design futures profession and/or help establish a central repository for such assets. We wish to educate our members, the extended design futures community, and society at large.

The Design Futures Initiative is dedicated to the advancement and development of Futures Design Thinking — Speculative & Critical Design, Design Fiction, Futurism, and Strategic Foresight. PRIMER is our annual conference in the US and EU. Visit our past conferences: