[Disbanded] Organization founded in 2015. Mission: We work with businesses, civil society organisations and governments to help them understand and practise responsible technology. We want to see a world in which responsible technology is the new normal. A world in which digital and emerging technologies can be a force for good – used to make life better for more people, more of the time. 

Doteveryone is the responsible technology think tank. We champion responsible technology for a fairer future. We research how technology is changing society, create products and prototypes that show what responsible technology looks like, and catalyse communities to create change. 

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Responsible technology promotes a fair, inclusive and thriving democratic society. It works in the best interests of the individual and of the public as a whole, safeguards against harm and is founded on fair and transparent value exchange between people and technology.

Martha Lane Fox founded Doteveryone following her Dimbleby Lecture in 2015 where she called for a new organisation to help us shape our digital world and navigate the moral and ethical issues it presents.  From that vision, we’ve grown into a small and dedicated London-based team that pulls together to achieve more than the sum of our parts.

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