Organization founded in 2015. EthicsNet is building a community, one with the purpose of experimenting with different potential techniques to create datasets – examples of nice behaviours (such as social norms), to help socialise A.I.

Machine Intelligence requires large, well-documented datasets (examples) to be trained upon. Datasets often matter more than algorithms per se, though they rarely get proper credit for the value that they can create.

Datasets such as Fei-Fei Li’s ImageNet have enabled the recent expansion in capability of machine intelligence in powerful new ways that otherwise would be impossible. We want to do the same for the space of kind behaviours – a range of experiments in how one can construct, collate, and annotate a range of datasets that reflect many different cultures, opinions and creeds, and which can expand in scope and nuance over time, to empower socially-aware thinking machines for generations to come.