European Society for the Study of Science and Theology

Organization. ESSSAT is a scholarly, non-confessional organization, based in Europe, which aims to promote the study of relationships between the natural sciences and theological views. ESSSAT has members from almost every European country as well as members from other continents. They have diverse confessional backgrounds, and may include believers as well as non-believers and atheists. As scientists, theologians, philosophers and historians they work on a better understanding of the interactions between two of the most powerful human pursuits, namely religion and science.

In Europe with all its rich diversity, we are a voluntary
Society of scholars engaging in the
Study of ideas regarding our
Scientific knowledge and powers
As they interact with our
Theologies, our values, dreams and convictions.

ESSSAT organizes the European Conferences on Science and Theology; awards the ESSSAT Research Prizes and the ESSSAT Student Prizes; publishes two series of books and the newsletter ESSSAT-News & Reviews.

ESSSAT’s aims are:

  • to advance open and critical communication between theology and science;
  • to share their knowledge for the mutual benefit of each
  • to work on the solution of interdisciplinary problems

In this task much of the Society’s activity takes place within Judaeo-Christian religious contexts, but ESSSAT welcomes members of all faith traditions and none.