Foresight Institute — Intelligent Cooperation Group / Existential Hope Program

Organization Mission: Foresight Institute advances technologies of fundamental importance to the long-term future of life and the biosphere, focusing on molecular machine nanotechnology, biotechnology, and computer science. We reward excellence, restrain recklessness, and create community to promote beneficial uses of these technologies and reduce misuse and accidents potentially associated with them.

  • Intelligent Cooperation Group: Program — Leveraging computer science, cryptocommerce, and related fields to build a future defined by intelligent voluntary cooperation.
  • Foresight: Existential Hope Program — We live at a high stakes time in the great human project. One where our direction can change dramatically. We have given ourselves the ambitious task to create the most beautiful futures we dare imagine. This program is our platform to engage in dialectical, transdisciplinary collective knowledge & vision building. Our hope is to provide a few shortcuts to find out what is at stake for civilization and how to plugin.