Global AI Ethics Consortium

Organization founded in 2020 by Academia to connect and build international research communities, collaborative networks and global consortia working together on AI ethics related issues. The effort to make sure that technologies are beneficial to society needs to be a globally collaborative one. Academia, with its open-mindedness and its broad access to different disciplines and cultures, can help in this effort. With this in mind, GAIEC’s aim is to move out of the general and abstract theories, frameworks and guidelines and provide what is really needed: instructions for applying AI ethics in a way that is technically feasible and globally-minded.

The GAIEC Repository, launched in January 2021, has the goal of promoting research on AI ethics and making this information more easily available to all. Through the Global AI Ethics Consortium and the Repository, we hope to increase collaboration and knowledge sharing on the use of responsible AI. The Repository centralizes data, publications and other work from members and those working on AI ethics, broadly. It is a continuously expanding database and we welcome suggestions for contributions.

GAIEC is located within the Institute for Ethics in Artificial Intelligence (IEAI) at the Technical University of Munich (TUM).