Global Catastrophic Risk Institute

Organization founded in 2011 as a nonpartisan think tank that analyzes risks to the survival of human civilization. Their mission is to develop the best ways to confront humanities gravest threats.

GCRI works on the risk of events that could significantly harm or even destroy human civilization at the global scale. As a think tank, GCRI bridges the world of scholarship and the world of professional practice in government, private industry, and other sectors. We aim to develop highly effective solutions for reducing the risk by leveraging both the best available scholarship and the demands of real-world decision-making.

GCRI was founded in 2011 by Seth Baum and Tony Barrett. The two met at a conference of the Society for Risk Analysis (SRA), the leading academic and professional society for all aspects of risk. GCRI continues to be involved in SRA, and we also play a central role in an international community of catastrophic risk scholars and practitioners.