International Artificial Intelligence in Education Society

Organization founded in 1997. IAIED is an interdisciplinary community at the frontiers of the fields of computer science, education, and psychology. It promotes rigorous research and development of interactive and adaptive learning environments for learners of all ages, across all domains.

The society brings together a community of leading researchers by organizing the AIED conference series, the International Journal of AI in Education (IJAIED), and related activities. IAIED is also a member of the International Alliance to Advance Learning in the Digital Era (IAALDE), an alliance of seven research societies that focus on advances in computer-supported learning.

The society is governed by an Executive Committee according to the IAIED Constitution, which seeks to support AI in Education developments throughout the international community. Membership statistics show that over 1000 members from 40 countries have joined since the Society’s launch on January 1 1997.