International Society for Military Ethics

Organization of military professionals, academics, and others formed to discuss ethical issues relevant to the military. This chapter in North America is the founding chapter, formerly known as the “Joint Services Conference on Professional Ethics” (JSCOPE). Affiliate chapters have been established in Europe (Euro-ISME), and are in the process of formation in Latin America, Africa, and the Pacific Rim.

Military Ethics and Law Pilot Questionnaire

Have you taught military ethics or international law to members of the military? Please respond to this questionnaire. It will help promote future educational programming. The questionnaire is a pilot for a larger international study by Dr George R. Wilkes (Edinburgh) and Dr Magnus Lindén (Lund) focusing on the responses of civilians and military personnel who teach or inculcate ethics and law for military institutions. It should take 15-20 minutes. Results are anonymous, and will be used in seminars with stakeholders to discuss results and in academic publications authored by the researchers. Military Ethics and Law Pilot Questionnaire

Please note that the responses we are interested in are your personal judgements; these are not intended to reflect institutional policies; no responses have been selected as the right or wrong responses; and no participant’s individual data will be presented at any occasion. If you want to know more, please contact: Dr George R. Wilkes at