International Society for Technology in Education

Organization founded in 1979. Mission: ISTE inspires educators worldwide to use technology to innovate teaching and learning, accelerate good practice and solve tough problems in education by providing community, knowledge and the ISTE Standards, a framework for rethinking education and empowering learners. ISTE’s vision is that all educators are empowered to harness technology to accelerate innovation in teaching and learning, and inspire learners to reach their greatest potential. Headquartered in Washington, D.C., with operations housed in Eugene, Oregon, ISTE individual members include teachers, library media specialists, technology coordinators, teacher educators, administrators, and other decision makers.

Area of Focus: Artificial Intelligence in Education

To prepare students for the careers of today — and tomorrow — educators must explore and integrate artificial intelligence (AI) into K-12 classrooms. AI is a critical element of any STEM curriculum. After all, it’s a technology that’s already making its way to classrooms in the form of adaptive software, recommendation engines and digital assistants.

Educators are the key to preparing students to thrive in a world where artificial intelligence is an integral part of their lives and careers. Over a thousand educators are already participating in ISTE-developed professional learning programs that provide training and resources to help students:

  • Develop knowledge and skills about AI.
  • Consider the capabilities, risks and ethical questions related to using AI.
  • Explore AI solutions to problems in their communities.

Free practical guides for engaging students in AI creation. With these hands-on projects, students work directly with innovative AI technologies, participate in “unplugged” activities and create various products – from designing chatbots to presentations to video games – to demonstrate their learning. These hands-on guides are available in English, Spanish and Arabic.