Neely Center for Ethical Leadership and Decision Making

Mission: To inspire and develop leaders dedicated to making effective, ethical and legal decisions.

Founded in 2015 and housed at the University of Southern California, the Neely Center partners with enterprises around the world to create value by making better decisions in an ethically sensitive way. It is an incubator of scholarly research, cutting-edge educational programs, and a facilitator of discourse for the benefit of students, professionals, and organizational leaders. Research conducted by the Neely Center is focused on personal, societal, and business ethics, corporate culture, public policy ethics, and engineering ethics arising from the intersections of humans and technology.

  • Societal / Personal Decisions and Ethics — Improving personal decisions and ethical codes.
  • Business Decisions and Ethics — Building an ethically sensitive enterprise decision culture.
  • Engineering Decisions and Ethics — Decisions and ethics at the intersection of technology and society.
  • Public Policy Decisions and Ethics — The ethics of public policy from decision models to governance.

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