RIKEN Center for Advanced Intelligence Project

Organization launched in 2016 in Tokyo, Japan. The RIKEN Center aims to achieve scientific breakthrough and to contribute to the welfare of society and humanity through developing innovative technologies. We also conduct research on ethical, legal and social issues caused by the spread of AI technology and develop human resources.

Artificial Intelligence Ethics and Society Team – Research Summary

Artificial intelligence and other forms of information technology have advanced rapidly in recent years. This has led to both excessive expectations for this technology and at the same time given rise to questions about how to relate to more humanlike artifacts, and fears about the possibility that technology that might acquire not only emotions and intuitions but also consciousness, leading to increasing anxiety and an unfounded sense of crisis that machines may come to dominate or destroy human society. There is an urgent need to develop an ethical foundation for continued coevolution with technology through coexistence and symbiosis with things and machines, while retaining an appropriate awe of technology. Amidst the rapid advancement of information technology, there is a need to reexamine the limits and possibilities of human intelligence. This team aims to develop a platform for a comprehensive ethics that will redefine human nature and make it possible for human beings and technology to continue to coevolve together.

The team’s research subjects include:

  • Examining the relationship between human beings and AI-technology
  • Redefinition of “Humanity”
  • Developing a new ethical model with a particular focus on AI ethics

The RIKEN Center for Advanced Intelligence Project was launched with the subsidy for “Advanced Integrated Intelligence Platform Project (AIP) -Artificial Intelligence/ Big Data/ Internet of Things/ Cybersecurity-.” from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.