Society for Philosophy and Technology

The Society for Philosophy and Technology is an independent international organization that encourages, supports and facilitates philosophically significant considerations of technology.

Founded in 1976, the Society convenes its own international conference biennially; our 2015 conference was held in Shenyang, China, and our 20th international conference will be held in Darmstadt, Germany in June 2017.

Membership in SPT is open to individuals whose work is in keeping with the interests of the Society—including scholars with an advanced degree (typically but not necessarily in philosophy), professionals in technological fields, and students whose work includes philosophically significant considerations of technology.

The Society is dedicated to the pluralistic exploration of technology in a social and human context, and welcomes a variety of philosophical and other disciplinary approaches in both its conferences and its publications.

The Society also publishes Techné, a scientific journal that appears three times a year and serves the need for sustained philosophical reflection on our technological world. The journal is devoted to the philosophical analysis of technological systems and to reflections on the art, craft, science and engineering of making things and getting things done in the world.