The Good AI Org

Organization with a mission to empower every human to contribute by spreading awareness, facilitating engagement and inspiring actions towards ethical aspects of AI.

As AI becomes a fundamental tool in the delivery of public services, as well as healthcare and business decisions, there are potential ethical issues to consider. An ML (Machine Learning) model predicting whether someone is more likely than another to buy a product may not need to be understood in depth. However, a life-changing decision on mortgage eligibility requires careful assessment by the lender, and a degree of transparency in how decisions are arrived at. 

In the near future, we could start to see AI used in making predictions on criminal recidivism, potentially informing decisions on probation, as well as deciding whether a patient should receive a drug, and in what quantity. When it comes to decisions like these, it’s vital that the behavior of the AI is properly understood and potential mistakes are avoided (for obvious reasons). 

There could be circumstances where the decision that is made with the aid of an algorithm is so important there may be circumstances where you may insist on that level of explainability or intelligibility from the outset.

The Good AI org will focus on finding various ways of restraining AI’s potential to make incorrect decisions. Together, we will be evaluating possibilities to build rules into the technology at the outset to prevent poor decision-making. Our goal would be to drive awareness & suggest ideas such as, when choosing solutions to implement, it’s crucial that leaders take this into consideration, asking themselves whether the technology allows for human insights to be built in, thereby paving the way for common sense outcomes. 

Located in Seattle, Washington.
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