The Institute for Ethical AI & Machine Learning

A UK-based research centre that carries out highly-technical research into processes and frameworks that support the responsible development, deployment and operation of machine learning systems.

Our vision is to minimize the risks of AI and unlock its full power through frameworks that ensure the ethical and conscious development of AI projects across all industries.

  • We are a UK-based think tank that brings together technology leaders, policymakers & academics to develop industry standards for Data Governance & Machine Learning.
  • We are formed by cross functional teams of volunteers including ML engineers, data scientists, industry experts, policy-makers and professors in STEM, Humanities and Social Sciences.
  • We have a commitment to advocate for the responsible development of AI.
  • We are a research centre that carries out highly-technical, practical and cross-functional research across the 8 Machine Learning Principles.
  • We work with industry, academia and governments to develop frameworks and libraries that align with our 4 phases towards responsible AI.