AI4Society Dialogues

Podcast series launched in 2021 and produced by University of Alberta. How will AI shape society and how will society shape AI? AI4Society Dialogues talks to leading researchers across the disciplines at the University of Alberta, a global leader in artificial intelligence research. The podcast explores how researchers are constructing and using AI in the course of their work and examines opportunities, challenges and concerns as AI becomes an increasingly prevalent aspect of our world.

AI4Society is one of the University of Alberta’s five Signature Research Areas and is focused on artificial intelligence and its applications. Over the past 30 years, the University of Alberta has been consistently ranked as one of the top three institutions worldwide for AI research and is a lead player in Canada’s national AI strategy.

Building on this recognition, AI4Society’s goal is to stimulate interdisciplinary research and teaching in this field by supporting initiatives at the University of Alberta. We also provide continuing institutional leadership by coordinating and designing innovative training programs and representing the institution in new initiatives with public, private, and international partners.