Future of Work Pioneers

Podcast Series launched in 2020 and hosted by Harpreet Singh, Founder and Co-CEO of Experfy, a Harvard-incubated Future of Work talent cloud platform that enables pipelining of pre-vetted AI and high-tech talent.

Artificial Intelligence is profoundly impacting business & society. In order to prepare for the future, businesses, governments, & individuals must deal with questions such as: How can AI help businesses? How can AI help society? What are the dangers and/or limitations of AI? In which industries can AI help the most? What are the ethics of AI? In Future of Work Pioneers podcast Dr. Singh, Founder & Co-CEO of Experfy, and his guests will provide a much needed perspective on what the future of work looks like from the trenches. Dr. Singh’s guests are at the forefront of technology innovation and workforce transformation. These thought leaders have largely influenced the way we work and will continue to do so. Dr. Singh, and his guests will discuss topics ranging from HR & Talent to AI & Emerging Technologies to Leadership. If you’re curious about how pioneers are shaping the future of work and what that future may look like, this a podcast that you should not miss.