The Privacy Paradox

Podcast mini-series launched in 2017, hosted by¬†Manoush Zomorodi and produced by WNYC Studios, Note to Self Radio. A five-day series of challenges, newsletters, tip sheets and mini-podcasts that will help you take back control over your personal information and digital identity. Each newsletter includes tips and a short podcast explaining the science, psychology, and tech behind that day’s challenge.

The Challenges

Day 1 – What Your Phone Knows
Let’s get metadata…what your smartphone is tracking and why it matters.

Day 2 – The Search for Your Identity
How algorithms see us, sell us, and then sell TO us.

Day 3 – Something to Hide
Reclaiming your private parts…and why Google needed an in-house philosopher.

Day 4 – Fifteen Minutes of Anonymity
The digital gaze, our psyche, and what happens when we know we’re being watched.

Day 5 – Your Personal Terms of Service
Defining your acceptable conditions for living the good life online.

Privacy Paradox: Results Show

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