Projects  |    |  September 30, 2020

AI Localism: The Responsible Use and Design of Artificial Intelligence at the Local Level

Project of The GovLab, NYU Tandon School of Engineering Launched in 2020.

AI Localism refers to the actions taken by local decision-makers to address the use of AI within a city or community.  AI Localism has often emerged because of gaps left by incomplete state, national or global governance frameworks.

“AI Localism offers both immediacy and proximity. Because it is managed within tightly defined geographic regions, it affords policymakers a better understanding of the tradeoffs involved. By calibrating algorithms and AI policies for local conditions, policymakers have a better chance of creating positive feedback loops that will result in greater effectiveness and accountability.”

The initial AI Localism projects include:

  • The Ethics and Practice of AI Localism at a Time of Covid-19 and Beyond – In collaboration with the TUM School of Governance and University of Melbourne The GovLab will conduct a comparative review of current practices worldwide to gain a better understanding of successful AI Localism in the context of COVID-19 as to inform and guide local leaders and city officials towards best practices.
  • Responsible AI at the Local Level – Together with the NYU Center Responsible AI, The GovLab will seek to develop an interactive repository and a set of training modules of Responsible AI approaches at the local level. 
  • Join us as we seek to understand and develop new forms of governance to guide local leaders towards responsible AI implementation or share any effort you are working on to establishing responsible AI at the local level.

What We Do

  • Mapping the current state of AI Localism around the world. Providing rigorous insight in an emerging phenomenon.
  • Analyzing what works, and what doesn’t and why? Developing an evidence-base of AI Localism.
  • Guiding local leaders towards responsible AI implementation and governance innovation. Training the next generation of AI leaders at the local level.

The AI Localism website hosts a growing repository of projects applying AI localism principles across the world.