Projects  |  ,   |  October 28, 2018

Global Responsible Computer Science Community of Practice

Project sponsored by the Mozilla Foundation. The Global Community of Practice is a curated and supported global community working towards integrating social responsibility and ethics into computing curricula. This community of practice has a specific focus on pedagogy and teaching, with the aim to support a cross disciplinary group of people.

This community includes people who are part of the Responsible Computer Science Challenge, and those working more broadly with computing, social responsibility responsibility, and ethics curricula. This community includes disciplines outside of computing that are critical for computing. It includes academics, researchers, industry practitioners, Computer Science education researchers, pedagogy experts, and more. The community of practice will offer opportunities for collaboration, peer learning exchange, and periodic presentations and events relevant to social responsibility, ethics, computer science, research, pedagogy, and technology.

The goals of this community:

  • Provide a platform for sharing and scaling pedagogy ideas
  • Spark cross disciplinary insight
  • Collaborate with a global cohort
  • Continue work beyond the Responsible Computer Science Challenge

The Global Responsible Computer Science Community of Practice exists to build on a few key aspects of the Responsible Computer Science Challenge:

  • Impact: To what extent is this approach likely to lead to a healthier internet and greater integration of ethical reflection and societal consideration into the tech industry?
  • Movement Building: Does this applicant help to engage new and diverse perspectives in the conversation about ethics and technology?
  • Scalability: Is this approach likely to be scalable to other courses or universities? Is there a clear plan for and commitment to dissemination, sharing and working open?