Projects  |  ,   |  June 7, 2019

Principled Artificial Intelligence: Mapping Consensus and Divergence in Ethical and Rights-Based Approaches

Project of the Berkman Kleinn Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University. Authors: Jessica Fjeld, Hannah Hilligoss, Nele Achten, Maia Levy Daniel, Sally Kagay, and Joshua Feldman. Visualization Designed By: Arushi Singh

Alongside the rapid development of artificial intelligence, we’ve seen a proliferation of AI “principles,” or guidelines for how AI should be built and used. Is there enough commonality among these efforts to suggest the emergence of sectoral norms? Where are the most significant points of divergence? Our data visualization presents thirty-two sets of principles side by side, enabling comparison between efforts from governments, companies, advocacy groups, and multi-stakeholder initiatives. The dataset itself and a white paper detailing our assumptions, methodology and key findings will be made available later this summer.

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