Reports  |    |  July 17, 2021

2020 Survey of Artificial General Intelligence Projects for Ethics, Risk, and Policy

Report written by McKenna Fitzgerald, Aaron Boddy, & Seth D. Baum for the Global Catastrophic Risk Institute. 156 pages.

Executive Summary

Artificial general intelligence (AGI) is artificial intelligence (AI) that can reason across a wide range of domains. While most AI research and development (R&D) deals with narrow AI, not AGI, there is some dedicated AGI R&D. If AGI is built, its impacts could be profound. Depending on how it is designed and used, it could either help solve the world’s problems or cause catastrophe, possibly even human extinction.

This paper presents a survey of AGI R&D projects that are active in 2020 and updates a previous survey of projects active in 2017. Both surveys attempt to identify every active AGI R&D project and characterize them in terms of relevance to ethics, risk, and policy, focusing on seven attributes:

  • The type of institution in which the project is based
  • Whether the project publishes open-source code
  • Whether the project has military connections
  • The nation(s) in which the project is based
  • The project’s goals for its AGI
  • The extent of the project’s engagement with AGI safety issues
  • The overall size of the project

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