Reports  |  ,   |  April 15, 2021

The IEEE Trusted Data and Artificial Intelligence Systems (AIS) Playbook for Financial Services

Report produced by IEEE. The Playbook is an industry-specific implementation guide that encourages technologists in the financial services to prioritize human wellbeing and ethical considerations in the application of data regarding Artificial Intelligence Systems (AIS). The Playbook incorporates IEEE’s Ethically Aligned Design (first edition), IEEE 7000TM series of standards, and ECPAIS certifications to provide a theoretical framework for implementing responsible data and AIS in financial institutions while outlining the global regulatory landscape with its impacts on the future development of AIS and ethics.

The IEEE Finance Playbook’s Purpose

  • Curate, summarize, and contextualize trusted data and AIS implementation high-level requirements and best practices in financial services for: Line of Business (LoB) executives; Digital, Innovation, and Transformation Program executives; Chief Risk Officers (CRO); Chief Technology Officers (CTO); Chief Data and Analytics Officers (CAO/CDO/CDAO); Chief Information Officers (CIO); and other executive sponsors with relevant mandates.
  • Provide a trusted data and AIS sandbox/community to help financial services organizations learn more about the Ethically Aligned Design (EAD) methodology, standards (e.g., IEEE 7000™), and certification programs (e.g., ECPAIS) for high-value AIS use cases, digital applications, and intelligent workflows.
  • Organize participation in trusted data and AIS community activities such as: quarterly benchmarking surveys, a trusted data and AIS sandbox, best practices calls, and the latest version of the IEEE Finance Playbook.