Tools  |    |  June 14, 2021

A Brief Overview of Some Ethical-AI Toolkits

Toolkit List and decriptions by Murat Durmus. Published on Medium.


Ethical toolkits can help make data-driven applications and systems fairer, more robust, and transparent. Below are some toolkits that can assist in implementing ‘ethical AI’:


  1. Audit-AI (Bias Testing for Generalized Machine Learning Applications)
  2. Playing with AI Fairness (Google’s new machine learning diagnostic tool lets users try on five different types of fairness)
  3. Ethics & Algorithms Toolkit (A risk management framework for governments)
  4. AI Explainability 360 (IBM)
  5. PwC’s Responsible AI
  6. InterpretML (Microsoft)
  7. Diversity Toolkit: A Guide to Discussing Identity, Power and Privilege (USC)
  8. WEF Empowering AI Leadership — An Oversight Toolkit for Boards of Directors (World Economic Forum)
  9. Responsible Innovation: A Best Practices Toolkit (Microsoft)
  10. Bias and Fairness Audit Toolkit (Aequitas — Center for Data Science and Public Policy — University of Chicago)
  11. An Ethical Toolkit for Engineering/Design Practice (Markkula Center for Applied Ethics — Santa Clara University)
  12. Fairlearn (Microsoft)
  13. TOOLBOX: Dynamics of AI Principles (AI ETHICS LAB)
  14. Algorithmic Accountability Policy Toolkit (AI Now Institute)
  15. From Principles to Practice — An interdisciplinary framework to operationalize AI ethics (AIEI Group)
  16. Ethical OS Toolkit

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