Tools  |  ,   |  October 25, 2019

Democratising Decisions About Technology: A Toolkit

Toolkit developed by The RSA Forum for Ethical AI, in partnership with Deepmind, to encourage and facilitate meaningful public engagement on the real-world impacts of AI. This report presents a toolkit for organisations seeking to deploy their own ethical processes around the proliferation of AI. 58 pages.

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As decisions are increasingly automated or made with the help of artificial intelligence, machines are becoming more influential in our lives. These machines are generating a range of predictions, such as the likelihood of a defendant reoffending or the job performance of a candidate based on video interview. In some cases, these predictions could lead to positive outcomes, such as less biased decisions or greater political engagement, but there are also risks that come with ceding power or outsourcing human judgment to a machine.

The RSA’s Forum for Ethical AI ran a citizens’ jury to explore the use of AI in decision-making. We convened participants to grapple with the ethical issues raised by this application of AI under different circumstances and enter into a deliberative dialogue about how companies, organisations, and public institutions should respond.

RSA: The Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce