Tools  |    |  September 14, 2019

XAI – The eXplainable AI Framework [ALPHA]

Open Source Tool sponsored by The Institute for Ethical AI & Machine Learning. An eXplainability framework for Machine Learning that combines cutting edge research tools with practical industry processes to ensure machine learning systems are explainable and undesired biases are mitigated.

The XAI Framework 

  • Allows you to introduce explainability and perform bias evaluation in AI systems by going beyond algorithms using a tool+process approach.
  • Converts the Principles for Responsible Machine Learning into a practical tool + process approach.
  • Is open source and it is available at GitHub. The codebase is maintained by the Ethical AI Network which is a global community of technologists and domain experts.
  • Is currently in ALPHA stage. If you’re interested to learn more, get in touch.