ACL Anthology

Website hosted by the Association for Computational Linguistics. ACL Anthology currently hosts over 53,000 papers on the study of computational linguistics and natural language processing from both ACL events and non-ACL events. Managed and built by the ACL Anthology team of volunteers.

The ACL materials that are hosted in the Anthology are licensed to the general public under a liberal usage policy that allows unlimited reproduction, distribution and hosting of materials on any other website or medium, for non-commercial purposes. Prior to 2016, all ACL materials are licensed using the Creative Commons 3.0 BY-NC-SA (Attribution, Non-Commercial, Share-Alike) license. As of 2016, this policy has been relaxed further, and all subsequent materials are available to the general public on the terms of the Creative Commons 4.0 BY (Attribution) license; this means both commercial and non-commercial use is explicitly licensed to all. Note that these policies only cover ACL materials. This policy does not cover third-party materials. For reproduction privileges for such materials, please approach the respective organizations.