AI Alignment Forum

Website hub for technical AI Alignment research and discussion.

From the website:

What is the purpose of the AI Alignment Forum?

Our first priority is obviously to avert catastrophic outcomes from unaligned Artificial Intelligence. We think the best way to achieve this at the margin is to build an online-hub for AI Alignment research, which both allows the existing top researchers in the field to talk about cutting-edge ideas and approaches, as well as the onboarding of new researchers and contributors.

We think that to solve the AI Alignment problem, the field of AI Alignment research needs to be able to effectively coordinate a large number of researchers from a large number of organisations, with significantly different approaches. Two decades ago we might have invested heavily in the development of a conference or a journal, but with the onset of the internet, an online forum with its ability to do much faster and more comprehensive forms of peer-review seemed to us like a more promising way to help the field form a good set of standards and methodologies. [ . . . ]