AI Literacy

Website developed by the Net Literacy, an all-volunteer student-empowered NGO.  AI Literacy is a resource for for parents who want to support their teens’ learning about how AI is impacting their lives and will impact their futures.  It is also for primary and secondary school teachers without a technical background that want to introduce AI to their students and teach them how AI will contribute to a sustainable future.  Most important, this is a site and an initiative for teens to increase their critical thinking skills and learn about AI so that they can make discerning career and life decisions.

AI Literacy’s content editors curate YouTube, news and education sites to choose the “best on the Internet” videos that explain the subject matter in the clearest and most engaging way to teens.  All inclusions are also reviewed by an AI practitioner with a graduate level data science degree.

AI Literacy is for parents

A Parent’s Guide to Discussing AI is designed for the average parent that has no special technical background. It is a free and easy-to-use Guide that parents use to support their teens’ learning about what is AI, why it’s important and how they can leverage it in their lives and careers by watching a series of short, interesting videos together.  This program consists of 13 one-hour lessons and can be completed in less than two weeks, if necessary.  Because the Guide explains what AI does rather than how it does it, there’s no math or coding. 

AI Literacy is for teachers

This is a resource for teachers that want to introduce their students to AI and how it is being used to build a sustainable future and do not have a technical background or where AI may not yet be taught at their school.  Teachers use this site in different ways.  Some teachers design lesson plans or homework assignments from the learning blocks and content in the Guides. Other teachers use the Good Practices and Resources to find short engaging videos, interactive games, easy online experiments and articles to foster classroom discussion and student learning.  Finally, teachers use it to both find good practice curriculum and also coding and AI courses for their own professional development. Also contains a list of Teacher Curriculums and Resources.

AI Literacy is for teens

A Student’s Guide to Understanding AI is a self-guided video-intensive program divided into easy-to-understand lessons that cover the core content. The Student’s Guide has been designed to be used in several different ways.  Because the content mirrors the Parent’s Guide, parents can use a laptop and the more teen-friendly enhanced version or a smartphone and the mobile version to watch the videos together with their teens.  It was also designed for teens that complete the program independently.

About Net Literacy

Digital exclusion is expensive! It diminishes the quality of people’s lives, reduces their competitiveness and life options, and closes them off from a world of information, entertainment, and communications. Net Literacy is an all-volunteer student-empowered NGO whose board of directors is 50% comprised of students.  We respectfully believe that many good practices that increase digital inclusion, AI literacy and digital literacy have been already been developed by many organizations in countries all over the world.  This site shares these good practices.  Our organization’s successes are a result of the support we receive from NGOs (nonprofits), government, businesses, trade associations, and volunteers in the United States and around the world. Net Literacy believes that we can all be inspired by each other, celebrate our successes together, and learn from our disappointments.

Net Literacy was founded by students in 2003 and has an integrated series of digital inclusion and literacy programs: Senior Connects, Safe Connects, Computer Connects, Community Connects, Financial Connects, Digital Literacy and AI Literacy. Reducing the digital divide and increasing digital and AI literacy is an international and collaborative effort. At Net Literacy, we believe that while one person can make a difference, together, we can change the world!

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