AITopics: An Official Publication of the AAAI

Website hosted by the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI). Mission: to educate and inspire through a wide variety of curated and organized resources gathered from across the web. AITopics is intended primarily for instructors of AI courses and students from high school through first-year graduate school so you can:

  • Stay abreast of advances in AI.
  • Read the news stories capturing media attention.
  • Find background material and foundational classics that supplement textbook discussions.
  • View videos.
  • Listen to podcasts

AITopics is the Internet’s largest collection of information about the research, the people, and the applications of Artificial Intelligence. It is powered by AI technology from i2k Connect. The new engine combines machine learning with subject matter expert knowledge to automatically tag documents with unique, accurate and consistent metadata. Building on the familiar online shopping experience, you can discover and analyze just the information you need.


Artificial intelligence is part of our global culture, and its impact on our everyday lives is growing. Searching for news about AI presents a deluge of information. Why not use a little AI of our own to better handle the task? NewsFinder scans high-quality online news sources every day and selects stories that it deems relevant to the Artificial Intelligence community. It also includes stories suggested by Google News. For each story, it determines the appropriate set of categories, shown in the left panel. Once a week, NewsFinder posts highlights of the week’s news to the AAAI AI-Alert mailing list and publishes them in the AI-Alerts section of the site.