Ground AI

Website mission: To increase AI scholarly communication. The better we are at sharing our knowledge with each other, the faster we move forward. Discussions can improve the quality of work in our field. Allows the community to share, discuss, collaborate and keep up-to-date with the latest Machine Learning papers.

The potential of Community Peer Review

Commenting will provide a way for researchers to ask for feedback about their work, then incorporating this feedback into revisions and to generate new ideas. Making this feedback openly accessible to everyone can help increase the public’s understanding and trust of scientific work and increase transparency. Having community support and a dialogue atmosphere inspire ideas to flow and be explored freely through insightful questions. In dialogue, people think together.

Reproducible Research

Share data, code, posters, and supplementary materials to help others replicate and build on top of your work. Anyone can Publish their research paper without screening them based on education, credentials, affiliation, or any other attributes – Contributions should speak on their own merit. Preprints discussions usually happen on twitter and facebook, but these comments are not housed with the preprint. We believe having the opportunity to provide feedback that is stored directly with the preprint will increase transparency and collaboration at all stages of the scientific process. We hope to see the dialogue becomes a part of the scholarly record.

Facilitate Collaborations

Groups allow you to share, organize, and collabrate on papers in one place. A group could be a conference, workshop, class, or lab – it’s user-configurable where users can set the accessibility of their papers and comments.