Internet Governance Forum Wiki

Website wiki for the Internet Governance Forum. The purpose of this site is to provide a better IGF experience. Our aim is to help you prepare for the IGF and to provide a thematic cohesion among the various sessions. We want to ensure a broad, engaging and enjoyable participation in the IGF process to stakeholders who might not yet have experienced the complexity of the forum. We want to improve on the current way people initially learn about, enter and participate in the discussions and work sessions by exploring and piloting new possibilities.

To do this, we invite you to join us to contribute to the IGF wiki & our approved day 0 event experience: In summary, we‘d love you to join the IGF (wiki) community by

  • Preparing a wiki page for your workshop to allow your contributors, speakers and co-organizers to plan and prepare for a good flow and outcome
  • Collaborating with other workshop organizers and the community to agree on definitions as well as analysis of the challenges, opportunities, options and trade offs in your area of interest.
  • Contributing to pages on Data Governance, Digital Inclusion and Cybersecurity to allow for more cohesion across workshops in those areas
  • Helping to prepare Media Briefings for your workshop and your topics. We are working with professors, students and media experts to gather information and quotes.