Open Directory of Brilliant Women Working on AI Ethics

Website and database of women working in the area of ethics and artificial intelligence. Inspired by the “100 Women in AI Ethics” list authored by Mia Dand, CEO of Lighthouse3, this site is designed to make it easier for organizations to recognize and recruit more talented women working in this field.

Given the pervasiveness of bias in Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms and autonomous “killer robots” looming on the horizon, there is an urgent need for an open discussion on perils of unchecked AI. We also need to recognize the contributions of brilliant women in the critical area of AI Ethics. Towards this end, we have created an open directory of talented women working hard to save humanity from the adverse implications and outcomes of AI.

The exponential growth of AI and potential for significant harm necessitates a comprehensive and inclusive approach. After an extensive evaluation of the AI ecosystem and implications of AI, we have developed a holistic framework for AI + Ethics with 6 key focus areas that consider all ethical implications of AI beyond just technology. It is intentionally designed to expand critical discussions on the ethics of AI to include diverse perspectives from non-technical disciplines.

    Mitigate disruption of human lives, rights, roles, and relationships as AI replaces humans through automation & human-like systems.
    Promote use of AI for social good, through access for marginalized groups, mitigation of environmental impact, and development of public interest policies.
    Ensure that data for AI/ML is gathered (surveillance), shared (consent) ethically and secured against unethical uses (security).
    Ensure AI/ML models are transparent, explainable, fair, and accountable so they do not reflect and amplify the biases of their creators.
    Provide guardrails and guidance for development of commercial autonomous systems, artificial agents that are ethical and safe.
    Establish safeguards against threats to digital and physical safety through deep-fakes, bots, autonomous weapons, and bio/neural AI.

These dimensions are not mutually exclusive but rather this framework allows us to address each significant issue individually without losing sight of the interconnectedness of the different parts. For example: AI automation causes jobs displacement so while it’s important to look at ethics of intelligent systems, we must not lose sight of the displaced workers who will need skills and training to navigate this new world.