Responsible AI Community Portal

Website of resources collected and classified by the Resposible AI Institute. The portal is an evolving repository of reports, standards, models, government policies, datasets, and open-source software to inform and support responsible AI development.

From the Website:

Resources are often scattered on different platforms and can be difficult to find. The purpose of the Community Portal is to allow quick and easy access to 300+ resources that bring awareness to ethical AI issues and how to mitigate harm of technology. By reducing the time it takes to search for trusted resources, our goal is to improve access and empower progress in this rapidly evolving field.

On the platform, you can explore resources that have been carefully selected by industry experts that cover a variety of topics, from policy to algorithmic research. You’ll be able to drastically reduce your search time for relevant and, more importantly, trusted content. You’ll be able to filter resources based upon what you’re looking for and even by the role you’re taking on. This list of resources will continue to grow overtime as fellow users and organizations recommend resources that must be approved by our moderators.

Users can browse through our selected list of resources classified by the RAI team. You can search terms or apply a variety of filters, which include pathways you can select depending on your role. Anyone is able to search terms and access the resources but to upload a resource, users will need to create an account. You can then share the resource, which will first be reviewed by RAI admins before being displayed on the Community Portal.