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Stanford Artificial Intelligence Law Society (SAILS) / SAILS Education Resource Modules

Website with a curated list of resources on some dominant areas of intersection between AI and the law. Developed as an effort to provide helpful and reliable materials for individuals interested in legal issues associated with artificial intelligence and machine learning.

We’ve done our best to categorize the readings and resources in a way that is intuitive and well-defined.  This is not an attempt to create a wholly exhaustive literature review.  Rather we want to provide individuals with a reliable and holistic reference point for their endeavors into AI and law.  This first module provides insight into the field of criminal justice and artificial intelligence.  We will continue to add additional modules for your benefit.  If you have any questions or suggestions please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Cheers!

  • AI and Criminal Justice
    • Preventative Policing, Deterrents
    • Judicial Decision-Making: Sentencing & Parole
    • Video Series on Algorithmic Criminal Justice
  • AI and Freedom of Expression
    • Censorship, Free Speech Theory, Freedom of the Press
    • Legal Definition of AI Speech, Assignment of Rights
    • Video Series on AI and Freedom of Expression
  • AI, Liability, and Legal Personhood
    • Legal Personhood and Regulation
    • Liability and Tort
    • Video Series on AI, Liability, and Legal Personhood